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Designing a Future with Big Picture ResultMaps

ResultMaps’ Big Picture is a way to design future results, then inspire and manage their realization.

What: The different things going on for an individual, a team, or an organization creates a "big picture" of where you're going and what's happening.  ResultMaps provide visibility into that big picture and allows you to adjust it to the right level of detail for your situation.

Tip: If all you want at the moment is some help getting control of a few projects, it is possible to skip this section and come back to it later.  Check out "Quick and simple ResultMaps.
Tip: Keep forward momentum - dive in and be imperfect.  You can improve things at any time.

Why:  When you need to think "strategically," "think ahead," or work toward "big goals", a clear and "shareable" mental model makes everything easier. That model has to organize high volumes of information in a meaningful context; it has to discourage focusing on low-value detail at the expense of the overall plan, and still provide a way to dig into the details.  Such a model helps individuals and team effectively plan, manage and communicate. Regardless of what you call it, your big picture is a concept central to any form of personal development, strategic planning, or business planning. 

Where: In ResultMaps, we represent the big picture using a target icon.  When you click that icon, you'll see everything you are working on from a few "big picture" perspectives.  You'll also see big picture context reflected throughout your ResultMaps. 

Next:  Start with your vision, then the following sections.  

The Big Picture Canvas

For years we've seen the use of a spreadsheet (or tables) to illustrate how small efforts roll up into the bigger picture.  It happens across domains (sales, operations, tech, marketing) and in recent years, a specific view called "a canvas" have been popularized.

The "Big Picture Canvas" in ResultMaps offers a single view that shows what's going on and how things are going from the perspective of your vision, mission, values and focus areas.  

If you are doing strategic planning, or setting up a team, it's a great place to build a shared vision and increase focus.