Action: the unit of effort

TIP: Capture everything, then prioritize according the results you need.
TIP:  Use TextGenius to enter several items at once during meetings.
TIP:  Take advantage of ResultMaps List Crusher when your list grows too long.

What: A task is a to-do is an action item and any of them can be analyzed - at the end of the day they all exist to get some result or outcome.  

Why:  when you track what you are doing, you can measure, prioritize and make sure everything that needs to get done is done well, in a timely fashion.   

Where:  Start from your day plan when you login, or look at your team "today" to see what everyone is working on.  You can also see what's been assigned to you and what you've assigned from the team menu. 

Next: Just do it.  ResultMaps will email you reminders and updates or post them to Slack.