ResultMaps Capabilities List

We are asked frequently "Can ResultMaps do _______?".   New features and plugins are introduced constantly, but here are a few of the current capabilities that come up the most.  It’s not the tool - it’s what you do it with

Personal productivity

  • Day plan

  • Recurring action items for habit building

  • Task and list management

  • Tools to manage overwhelm (chunking, scheduling, teaming)

  • Personal and team objectives and key results

  • Calendar

  • Idea tracking

  • Commitment and focus analysis (paid subscription only)

  • Where your effort goes

  • G Suite (Google apps support)

  • Gmail extension

  • Zapier support (coming soon)

  • Personal vision

  • Vision boards

  • Personal mission

  • Personal/professional roles (aka categories of improvement)

  • Pinterest integration

  • Communication tools

  • Text recognition

  • Annual planning wizards

Project and process management

  • Simple list-style action planning

  • Gantt chart planning with dependency management

  • Week-by-week planning

  • Activity feeds/activity history

  • Cross-project workstream overviews

  • Project dashboards

  • Key result-focused portfolio dashboards

  • Dependency scheduling and tracking

  • Project templates

  • Export/import from spreadsheet

  • Export to text

  • Status updates

  • Text recognition tools


  • Comment and discussion threads

  • Activity history/feeds

  • Email digests and notifications

  • Slack integration

  • Team and individual permissions

  • Activity, project, and goal based sharing

  • Google Doc's Add-On

  • "Wins" reports ("kudos", "props", "high-fives" and other forms of celebration support)

  • Engagement charting and graphinc (paid enterprise subscription only)

  • "Daily stand-up" style update automation

  • High fives that encourage and reward your actionable core values

  • Follow ups that put accountability on auto-pilot

  • Personal time management

  • Habit builders

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Core values

  • Focus areas

  • Framework support for frameworks like Objectives and key results ("OKRs")

  • Dashboards

  • Planning wizards

Strategic planning and execution