Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use ResultMaps for project management?

A: Yes.  It's great for that. Automating status updates, progress reports, daily "done/next/blocked" summaries, Gantt charts, templates and a host of other things to thelp you.


Q: Do I have to give up [insert favorite project management tool here] to get value from ResultMaps

A: No, you just have to take a few minutes to work out how to move between both.  We recommend keeping summary  action item or project in ResultMaps where you provide updates.  We can also build integrations or Zaps to help automate this.


Q:  Do I need to use a specific methodology with ResultMaps?

A: No. 


Q: Can ResultMaps support [insert favorite methodology]?

A: Yes.  If you have an Agile software team who loves Jira for example, let them stick with Jira and simply report on a single initiative or action item in ResultMaps..  If you need special business rules, we can get you a custom plugin (or you can use our API, depending on your needs)


Q: Does ResultMaps let me manage my personal career development plan?

A: Yes we have a yearly planning tool to map your year, and we are deeply rooted in principles of personal development and growth.


Q: Can I use ResultMaps as an individual? 

A: Yes, ResultMaps provides vision boards, personal missions, personal roles, objectives and daily productivity help.