Scott E. said:

I've been searching for a way to align our day-to-day tasks with our goals, mission, and vision; and to ensure we're not doing tasks for the sake of it.  ResultMaps is proving to be exactly what we've been looking for

-Scott E. Entrepreneur and PM

Katie said:

I really liked being able to rearrange my priorities and assign things automatically to other team members with an email! Instead of taking minutes, saving them, sending out a group email, and then sending individual emails to follow up, I could do that all at once from a single note/minutes file! ... huge time savings (... much easier to track when people get things done -- it can be saved on this site instead of me sifting through emails, saving to my local drive, etc.). I work with people all over the world on different projects so this will be a much easier way to interface!

-Katie, PM