Create a clear vision - shared by everyone

  • Build a clear vision to keep everyone on the team engaged and aligned.


Map your path: create a roadmap to results

  • Define clear goals that tie day-to-day activity directly back to your vision.

  • Ensure full understanding of how things fit together and create clear accountability for everyone on your team.

Add-on your favorite management or process framework

  • Use your favorite management framework through support add-ons. Whether you like Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) or the Entrepreneurial Operating System(TM)*, or you just want to learn which one can work for you.

*The “Entrepreneurial Operating System is a registered trademark of EOS Worldwide. ResultMaps is not an endorsed by EOS Worldwide.

Build a high-performance culture

  • Define the core behaviors you’ll value most.

  • Encourage them with high-five’s.

  • Use them to help realign, drive better decisions and open conversations.

Execute at 2X speed

  • Turn anything into a vision-driven project or process.

  • Convert simple text into schedules, action plans, assignments and more.

  • Apply templates. Make them complex or keep them as simple lists.

  • Keep track of everything in real time - with all the integration and tools you’d expect.

Replace Friction with Trust 

  • Monitor progress and adjust course in real time.

  • Set clear priorities.

  • Track open assignments and requests.

  • Clarify, discuss and solve problems.

Fewer meetings. Better meetings. Save hours every week.

  • Replace long meetings with 90-second daily check-ins and high-value weekly alignment meetings.

  • Use a 60- or 90-day planning meeting to check progress against goals and make broader strategic decisions.