"Your playing small does not the serve world." *

We are on a mission to help you make you and your teams the best you can be.  

We know the world will be better for it.

ResultMaps help people design and create an inspiring future.

Our mission is to inspire and celebrate positive impact by helping people define and realize their best.

No human is an island. Self development is limited unless self extends beyond the individual. So you'll see ResultMaps focus on your team as well as you personally.  

Your success is our passion.

Our Beliefs

Life is a work of art (or a body of work)

We may work through various media and we may be influenced by different styles.  Art involves technique, science, creative choices, and creative problem solving.  We are all here to express and contribute.  It follows that we need to put in the work to express and contribute our best.

Works of art come result out of a process of honing skills.  

One team 

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”
— Andy Warhol

Human beings are social creatures.  Life is enhanced both by being social and learning to develop one's self.  By developing ourselves, we learn how to work with and help others.  Business, commerce and currency are all amazing structures to help people work together and exchange value. Many brilliant artists and musicians have echoed Andy Warhol's statement shown here.

Teams of teams

You are not alone if you are online. Teams built and marketed the network. Teams built and marketed the device, the software, the parts...all of it.  The roads you walk, the food you eat. 

Teams are another wonderful art.  Self directed teams are the highest form of art. Every team has a level of self direction, we believe the energy contributed by the individual is correlated to the energy they derive.

Meaning matters for a host of reasons

Work is your love made visible
— - Kahlil Gibran

We don't need another glorified project table or spreadsheet to manage tasks. We need ways to make sense of them. Digital information comes in with the speed of light entering our eyes. Our brains have a prefrontal cortex to guide and direct us. This is the piece the digital world is missing.  We have amazing communication from social media, email and devices. However, we need a virtual prefrontal cortex working with us, a helper that keeps us inspired and in flow.

People make great choices when they have great frameworks to make those choices within and clarity about those choices.  People regularly do the impossible when they are motivated by a sense of meaning. 

Meaning matters. 

Focus on results and the energy required.

A great athlete, a great team, a great artist: all focus on the product. They hone their abilities to get the product more easily.  Being "efficient" is only important when questioning how to manage energy or resources. Whether I walk, ride my bike, or skateboard to the gym, I'll get there. My win is getting there. 

ResultMaps help individuals and teams get clarity and perspective on their most important results, then works backward to help make them happen.  ResultMaps seek to remove friction so less energy is required to stay focused and continue working in the zone.

The value of any technology is the degree to which it enhances life

Our drive is to empower the magic collaboration of jazz, funk and hip hop, where deep cultural roots and traditions gave rise to new ways of expression.  We need the thrill of the team overcoming adversity together to celebrate the collective win.  We don't need to check off more things from our inbox or task lists, we need to create a body of work that enhances life.

Core values replace friction and conflict with inspiration and shared success

Core values are sources of inspiration and creativity. They are paved roads that keep us out of ditches. They are lanes that keep us from running into one another. They are reasons to celebrate and share joy. They are ways to create deep and meaningful connection. 

Let's go

* title quote by Marianne Williamson