How-To and Help / Getting Around

How to get around ResultMaps

ResultMaps focus point is "today", an action plan and place to capture to-do's, needs and ideas.  From there, you can smoothly switch to views that give you access to team, project and big picture perspectives.  Use the icons at the bottom of the screen to shift perspectives.  

The home icon takes you back to your day plan, where the focus is what you've planned to do today.

The "+" icon lets you add things - though you'll find ample places to add things throughout the ResultMaps screens.

The clock/time icon lets you look at Results you are focusing on from the perspective of time. 

The group or team icon gives you access to team-focused views. You can see who's requested things from you and vice versa.

The list icon gives you list and project oriented views that show you information from the perspective of your projects.  It includes links directly to your projects and lists.

The target icon represents the "big picture" and orients you from the perspective of vision, mission, objectives and key results.


Each icon gives you a menu that guides you to wherever you want to go. Remember you are looking frequently at the same information, just from a different point of view:  time, team, project or big picture.