An #everyday habit that can raise your game on day one.

Get on a bike.  Go on a long walk.  Go for a run.  If you are a swimmer, do that.  

Substitute your own activity - anything that involves a journey powered by you will work. 

I personally just got off of my bike.  I have been putting it off way to long and I know better.  One result is this blog post.  Additional results from my ride were, clarity on how to best communicate our vision and a new tagline to try on our home page, so you get where I'm going with this post...  

All of these things came from that single ride - and this is isn't something unique to me.  It's documented by peer reviewed, grade-A science that these things are true:

  • Exercise creates a cascade of positive benefits in your biochemistry and your brain.
  • Problem-solving is enhanced, as is creativity, when we allow the parts of our brain that synthesize information to work and then quiet our pre-frontal cortex enough to hear what it's telling us.
  • Yep it's the old "health, happiness and longevity" thing.  If you cycle, swim, or hike (sorry runners, cartilage is not forever...) you'll see people 75-year-olds out there who look great.  I know guys, and ladies, well into their 50's and 60's who demonstrate this.  

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Things you can do right now:  fill in your daily journey of your exercise choice below and paste into your ResultMaps day plan now. 


The bike that produced this post. Beside me as I type. 

The bike that produced this post. Beside me as I type.