Civilization as the Opposite of Conflict: Thoughts From Seth Godin.

"And this can be our goal.  Every day, with every action, to make something more civilized."  - Seth Godin

Seth Godin and David McCollough are two names I think of when I ask which authors consistently create authentic, well-researched stories that help me think more clearly.  

Seth was one of the first, if not the first, to evangelize the idea of permission marketing, whereby you can trade valuable information with customers in exchange for information about them that can help you better serve them.

Before "Design Thinking" was a thing, that approach was a great way to get people empathizing with their customers and thinking of customers as part of their extended "team", "tribe" or "Family".

Seth's ideas on "Tribes" also resonate with concepts of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. 

In general terms, his books and writings take big hairy concepts and offer mental models and metaphors that really resonate for me. (I recommend any/all of his books).

This post reminded me why I enjoy his writing and ideas so much.

We want to amplify messages of teamwork and collaboration that can help people work together better.  This post on civilization inspires all kinds of thoughts on teamwork, how teams align, and how larger groups of people align.

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