IDEAS: Why it's important to capture them (and find them later)

Ideas can be funny things.  They can come at you like a lightening storm striking your brain, one after another making you feel like you can't keep up.

Or, they can just trickle in as a spark and develop over a period time.

Sometimes you can generate them on your own.  Sometimes they refuse to appear despite that fact that you desperately need one.  

Everything starts with an idea.  Everything. 

Therefore, the importance of easily being able to capture ideas whenever they do come is relevant to your own success - whether it's personal or business related.

That's why ResultMaps has specifically designed a way to capture ideas, in the moment, while not distracting you from your current focus because you know where they will be later. 

See our how-to guide here

And, for more on idea lists and idea tracking, check out Tanner Christensen's post.