The Decision Making Processes that Destroy Performance

This theme has been playing out for some time.  While the evidence has been anecdotal for years in enterprises, high performing sports teams have observed huge performance increases from teaching players decision making. 

This Harvard Business Review article by Kimberly Teti, Mu-Jeung Yang, Nicholas Bloom, Jan W. Rivkin, and Raffaella Sadun does not bring up sports at all, but it shows how collaborative decision making beats unilateral decision making.

The team offers "a typology of four different approaches" and observes that there is one recipe that makes low output probable for teams and enterprises: unilateral decision making (also called "command-and-control").  

This adds to the growing list of data supporting the "Team of Teams" approach popularized by General Stanley McChrystal and the idea of group decision making and direction being just as valuable in business, as it is in fields like team sports and Jazz. 

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