Should your goal setting be CLEAR?

Collaborative (Goals should encourage employees to work together collaboratively and in teams)

Limited (Goals should be limited in both scope and duration)

Emotional (Goals should make an emotional connection to employees, tapping into their energy and passion)

Appreciable (Large goals should be broken down into smaller goals so they can be accomplished more quickly and easily for long-term gain)

Refinable (Set goals with a headstrong and steadfast objective, but as new situations or information arise, give yourself permission to refine and modify your goals)
— Adam Kreek's CLEAR goal setting model

SMART goals may not be ideal in a fast paced, modern environment.  The new CLEAR goal setting acronym from Adam Kreek offers an approach designed to be both more collaborative and easily refined. Peter Economy provides a concise introduction to the new approach in this article on CLEAR goal setting for INC magazine.  

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