Until you address this one thing, your goals and habits are at risk

This one thing can make or break your goals, motivation, habits and everything else

Some will tell you this is a "woo woo" concept or a luxury. Science and countless observations say otherwise. Countless successful people and study after study reinforce it.

Still, many will avoid it. 

It's the one thing that can make all the methods, all the buzzwords, and best practices fall into place.  


How it works (the basics)*

Our minds use stories to make sense of massive amounts of information.  What we call vision is a set of "self-images" and a narrative. Our minds continually direct us to conform to our vision. It's at the center of how we make sense of the world and our place in it.  It's at the center of how we assign meaning to what's happening around us.

Your vision is already setting your course

We move toward this vision in all that we do. When we move away, our minds start "course correcting."  It happens even when we are not aware it's going on. As a result, the most powerful thing we can do is to create our vision with intention.

It could be sabotaging....everything

If you have trouble sticking to goals or staying motivated, a vision full of conflict could be the cause. Or perhaps your vision is just fuzzy and not motivating.

Even though the goals may be SMART, if students don’t perceive them as meaningful or valued, their engagement with goal attainment progress will diminish (Wigfield & Eccles, 1992). One way to achieve meaningful goal setting is to relate the assignments and topics to students’ beliefs and values.
— Turkay, S. (2014). Setting Goals: Who, Why, How?.

Lose interest easily?  Have trouble focusing? Those issues often evaporate with clear vision.

Vision can unlock ...everything 

Grit, determination, and creativity are all inspired and motivated by vision.

The real kicker to activate vision is simple....

Include in your vision the answer to "why?"

A "meh" vision will get you "meh" results. Turbo-charge the power of your vision, by creating clarity on why the vision will be amazing to realize. Be equally clear about why you can tolerate nothing less.  

The idea is to create such focus on the result that methods, systems, and practices for getting your result become less important than getting the result.  

Tap into the most powerful tech available: your mind

Here are a few other tips for engaging the power of your mind with regard to your vision.

Catalog images that represent your vision in a place where you can come back to them. Include images that represent aspects of your vision. For me, this is my family, my surfing trips,  people I admire, and activities that give me energy.

Keep thinking about it. It's far more healthy than obsessing over "news" gossip.

When you feel overwhelmed, find an activity that allows you get away from "the grind" in order to recharge and reconnect with your the vision.

Do this one thing: build an amazing vision 

Whether you use ResultMaps or not, this is the key to success. 

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