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Like many language learners, Duolingo is a part of my daily language learning journey, and I have a goal to complete the entire tree. My problem is that I need a way to be able to track how long it is going to take me to finish the tree so that I can make completing it a realistic goal. I don't want to just complete the tree for the sake of completing it--if I wanted to do that, I could have it done in less than 30 days. I want to make sure that I diligently go through the tree slow enough time to actually retain the words and grammar rules but quick enough to complete the tree in a reasonable amount of time (considering there are many lessons with 5 levels inside of each one). This is where ResultMaps has been a life saver.

With ResultMaps, I'm able to make a goal for 2019 to "feel fluent in Spanish" by the end of the year.

Spanish 1.jpg

To accomplish a goal, you need a way to tell if you’re actually accomplishing it or not. I need to measure how I can tell that I am “fluent” to my own standards, which are my key results in ResultMaps. One of my key results (or ways that I will be able to measure if I am “fluent”) is to be able to confidently hold conversations in Spanish with other people.

spanish 2.jpg

And of course, an ambitious goal such as this one needs a clear course of action, so I can then add action items to my key result to help me actually make this goal accomplishable. One of my action items is to complete Duolingo.

Spanish 3.jpg

I found the process of having to actually map out how I would become fluent the most powerful part of ResultMaps. And yet, it still has more to offer. Inside of my “Complete entire Spanish Duolingo” action item, I made an outline for completion. Each item has my self-assigned weekly due date (every Sunday). Inside of each weekly due date, there is a list of the 3 lessons I will complete that week.

Spanish 4.jpg

As I complete them throughout the week, I can check them off.

Spanish 5.jpg

If I get ahead of schedule (or behind), I can drag and drop items from one week to another.

Spanish 6.gif

I currently have a 105 day streak on Duolingo, and ResultMaps helps me stay true to my goal. How long will it take me to complete the entire Spanish Duolingo tree with this strategy? About 1 year. I will be done in December 2019—right on time for my annual goal.

I'm good about completing my Duolingo practice every day, but if I wasn't, I could also add "Complete Duolingo exercise #everyday" to my ResultMaps day plan for an additional push.

Spanish 7.jpg

ResultMaps can help you track all of your goals and turn them into actionable items that make all of your dreams come true.