Personal plans

Bring your personal vision to life in ways that will surprise and delight you. ResultMaps help you connect with purpose and high energy, and help you stay organized as you work methodically to build an extraordinary life.


For 30 days, sample all essential features, like…

  • Vision boards for your life and goals

  • Align your vision to ideas, clear goals, habits and projects

  • Create and manage daily focus plans

  • Manage projects and goals


or $15.20/per month on an annual plan

Everything in Free, plus…

Vision, purpose and passion

  • Define a clear vision for every important area of your life

  • Research-based, in-the-trenches validated best practices

  • Step-by-step walk-through guides

  • Vision board for each area of your life

Deliberate practice and realization

  • Goal setting

  • Map goals up to vision and down to projects and action plans

  • Create projects and idea lists

  • Move things around with ease

Tools for obsessive focus and relentless execution

  • Day design and focus plan

  • Anti-overwhelm tools

  • Organization and prioritization helpers

  • Helpers for scheduling, deferral, and delegation

  • Best practice integration

  • Automatic hashtag-based organization and scheduling

Planning and grit

  • Break any idea or action item into a list or project with dependencies

  • Create and track habits daily

Learning loops to master work and life

  • Daily journaling of wins, gratitude, things to improve, accomplishments, blockers, habits and more

  • Use your daily journals, action items, goals and ideas histories to see what’s working and make adjustments where things aren’t


Google apps, Gmail, Calendar program integration, CSV Exports

Black Belt


Everything in Essentials, plus…

  •  Vision builder 30-day challenge

  • Habit builder 30-day challenge

  • 1-hour coaching/onboarding session

  • 4 30-minute coaching sessions

Team plans

Shatter what you thought was possible, and crush the “human resources” view of engagement and productivity. Connect your team to a clear, driving vision and flexible strategy to keep everyone aligned daily and weekly, and see more of the right results, faster.

Team Essentials

Up to 10 people

From $89/month for your entire team
Get a 20% discount when paid annually

Vision and alignment

  • Team vision, mission, and core values (people principles) builder

  • Strategy and cascading goals (individual and team)


  • Personal productivity boosters for every team member

  • Process and project vision, design and execution

  • All the fun drag-and-drop views of your stuff, like boards, roadmaps, mind maps, outlines and more

  • Alignment Meeting Nirvana

  • Text-to-organized schedules, action items and more

  • Integrations with Slack, Google Docs and more


  • Personalized dashboards that adapt to people’s interests

  • Culture engagement metrics

  • Trust builders and accountability

BONUS: All the Personal Essentials for every member of your team

Team of Teams

Up to 50 people

From $153/month for your whole company
Same as Team Essentials, plus

  • Team/Organization structure 

  • Cascading permissions

  • Accountability map/org chart

  • Full API access

  • Implementation support from ResultMaps Special Ops

  • Management framework support (“EOS” or “OKRs” - more frameworks available soon)

Enterprise (Teams of Teams)

Contact us for pricing

Same as Team of Teams, plus

Real-time engagement

  • Engagement cascade charts diagram

  • Option for private network option

  • Review dashboards

  • Integrated coaching features

  • Full API access

  • Integration support

  • Implementation support through Weekly alignment meetings with the ResultMaps Special Ops team

  • Additional reports

  • Other special needs you may have

Partner plans

If your business helps people be their best, your mission is our mission. Delivering value is our honor.

Coaching Essentials

Starting at $49/month

  • Ideal for 1-on-1 coaching

  • Up to 20 coaching clients - add more any time*

Tools for coaches

  • Essentials for the elite coach 

  • Coach dashboard

  • Set up coaching clients

  • Set up project templates for common assignments and methodologies

  • Follow up on client assignments/history

  • Assignment discussion

  • Free getting started session

  • Real time chat support

Tools for your clients

  • Create and manage items with daily and weekly planning tools

  • Journal and record progress

  • Define core values

  • Use ResultMaps productivity tools

Add more clients for $19/month

Or earn commissions on referral commissions


Starting at $299/month

  • Ideal for business/team coaches

  • Up to 500 subscriptions for your clients

Includes all Essentials, plus…

Tools for coaches

  • Set up accounts for clients and earn commissions

  • Pre-populate client account information and assignments before inviting people

For your coaching business

  • Add popular frameworks like OKR’s or EOS to help manage your coaching business

  • 1-hour business vision/strategy session

  • Client implementation support

  • Real time chat support

  • ResultMaps Special Ops support available as an add-on


Contact us for pricing

  • For coaches needing total control + operational support

Includes all Essentials, plus…

Tools for coaches

  • Set up challenge-based learning exercises

ResultMaps Special Ops Team

  • Business planning session

  • Product design

  • White label delivery (fee-based)

  • Weekly alignment meetings

  • Custom content integration

  • Co-branding