Team plans

Shatter what you thought was possible, and crush the “human resources” view of engagement and productivity. Connect your team to a clear, driving vision and flexible strategy to keep everyone aligned daily and weekly, and see more of the right results, faster.

Team Essentials

Up to 10 people

From $89/month for your entire team
Get a 20% discount when paid annually

Vision and alignment

  • Team vision, mission, and core values (people principles) builder

  • Strategy and cascading goals (individual and team)


  • Personal productivity boosters for every team member

  • Process and project vision, design and execution

  • All the fun drag-and-drop views of your stuff, like boards, roadmaps, mind maps, outlines and more

  • Alignment Meeting Nirvana

  • Text-to-organized schedules, action items and more

  • Integrations with Slack, Google Docs and more


  • Personalized dashboards that adapt to people’s interests

  • Culture engagement metrics

  • Trust builders and accountability

BONUS: All the Personal Essentials for every member of your team

Team of Teams

Up to 50 people

From $153/month for your whole company
Same as Team Essentials, plus

  • Team/Organization structure 

  • Cascading permissions

  • Accountability map/org chart

  • Full API access

  • Implementation support from ResultMaps Special Ops

  • Management framework support (“EOS” or “OKRs” - more frameworks available soon)

Enterprise (Teams of Teams)

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Same as Team of Teams, plus

Real-time engagement

  • Engagement cascade charts diagram

  • Option for private network option

  • Review dashboards

  • Integrated coaching features

  • Full API access

  • Integration support

  • Implementation support through Weekly alignment meetings with the ResultMaps Special Ops team

  • Additional reports

  • Other special needs you may have