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Projects, Action Plans and To-do lists

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What:    Projects, action plans, and to-do lists are basic ways to group and manage a set of related efforts that together work toward the same result.  

TIP: like most of the things in ResultMaps, you can set up a hashtag for your projects, plans and lists,  elements so that anything with that hashtag will be automatically aligned.
Tip:  whether it's a project, action plan or to-do list, ResultMaps shows the type as "To-do List."
Tip: don't forget Text Genius - a project plan takes all of 30 seconds to set up.
Tip: If you feel stuck, don't obsess over planning or using the perfect methodology, get started and the level of detail you need can always grow or change.   ResultMaps focuses on communication and clarity, so virtually any methodology will work.

Why: Some results need more focus than one or two action items.  You may need different milestones, phases, or to bring in a team.  You may need to track things like percentage complete, or set expectations for delivery time lines, or do planning around the size of your team.   Chunking activity into a plan, list or project - and even the activity within them - makes it much easier to manage efforts effectively.

Where: In ResultMaps use the Projects and Lists icon to access your action plans, projects and lists.   ResultMaps supports simple lists and robust project plans the same way - all that varies are the ways you use (or ignore) the different tools available.. Essentially, any action can become a list or project simply by adding detailed steps to that item. 

Next:  Creating, schedule and/or assign action items.


Project management methodologies and religions are as numerous as the stars.    The important concept is to manage execution.

ResultMaps supports SCRUM, and supports Agile at a high level.  ResultMaps does not track some of the more detailed Agile concepts such as "burn down" since there are many great tools for that, contact us to inquire about plugins that provide this capability.

A few methodologies and paradigms that have informed ResultMaps

  • Basic Milestone Planning
  • Gantt chart representations of time
  • Daily "Stand Up" reporting styles
  • Software methodologies such as Agile and the Software Design Life Cycle / Waterfall
  • Anthony Robbins Rapid Planning Method
  • Program management

Methodologies and frameworks that use projects, to-do lists and action plans

This is a tougher section to include - virtually every company takes project management and action plans seriously.  Here we highlight a few job descriptions that provide some interesting insights into project management at some of the world's top companies

A sample of companies that focus on project execution

Recommended reading on project management, program management and action plans