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Team Sharing 'Defaults'

Team visibility: what to know

By default, only you see your stuff in ResultMaps.  You can override this default using the "Allow team access" setting.

IMPORTANT: Everything created under the item where you set it to "share with team" will then default to be viewable by the team. 


Grant team access from the day plan

From your day plan (the home page when you login to your ResultMaps), move your mouse over the item you want to share. 

Then click the ellipsis. 

From there, you can choose the team you want to have access.

Grant team access from item details

Click on the item in ResultMaps you want to share with your team.

Click the information icon:

Share projects, tasks, initiatives and key results with your team.


You'll see the same option as in the "Day plan" example. The process is the same.