Personal productivity, meet flow

ResultMaps bring your vision to life twice as fast. It’s the platform informed by art, neuroscience and ai.


Be clear in your intent

  • ResultMaps clarity builders ask you series of questions.

  • Your answers create a clear picture of what you value most in every area of life.

  • Get clear on what drives you to create a sense of purpose.

Map the path to the future

  • Define the goals and habits that will fuel your success.

  • ResultMaps gives you proven methods and best practices

  • Set goals for the long-term and short-term.

  • See how they fit together to support your vision.


Build momentum

  • Stack wins using a 90-second interactive check in each day.

  • Use the advanced version to note progress or challenges.

  • Examine where to adjust your vision.

  • Record your most important next steps for the next day.

Stay focused

  • ResultMaps day plan nurtures the proven habit of top performers. It’s something researcher Dr. Morten Hansen sums up this way: “Do less, then obsess.”

  • Keep your most important 5 things at the top of mind every day.

  • For everything else - capture it to to keep your mind free to focus.

  • Use decision filters and unique tools to prioritize and organize with drag-and-drop ease.


Stay energized and inspired

  • As you encounter the challenges that are sure to come, reconnect with your vision.

  • Use your intent and sense of purpose to power through challenges - or break them down into smaller chunks.

  • Use the advanced check in to get your brain out of fight-or-flight and back to peak state.

 Tap the power of machine learning

Coming soon: ResultMaps is building out the next generation of productivity tools to align your intent with your results. gathers data from the features above to drive intelligent suggestions on how to be more efficient and effective on your journey.