Master time by taking small steps that have big impact

Success starts with focus.

Not a focus on tasks.

Not a focus on messages.

A focus on what matters most to you.

ResultMaps starts by making the competition for attention clear, and helping you easily tune out 95% of the things that seem urgent, but aren’t important.

Instead of diving into another task tool designed specifically to suck your time and attention down rabbit holes, stay in flow as you identify, clarify and make consistent progress in the right direction.


Think and communicate in the context of results

The stream of things that are not done is limitless.

No one can hit them all.

But the game of life is one of focusing on the right things, so that energy is going to thing that matters most.

Make communication visible in the context of results so you can continually improve and never have to ask “did we forget about this?”


Know where the journey is taking you.

We spend most of our time doing some kind of work. It’s what we as humans do.

It’s easy to confuse running faster with making progress. Working hard on a hamster wheel is not progress. Taking small, concrete steps every day can lead to massive progress.

And when you tap into a sense of purpose meaning, you’ll be amazed at the human drive and creativity that emerge.

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Integrate with the tools you already use.



It works.  

Banner image credit: Štefan Štefančík