Win every day

Success starts with focus.

Not a focus on tasks. 

Not a focus on messages. 

A focus on what it is most important to you. 

ResultMaps helps you get it out of your head, out of messages, out of interrupts,  and into context. 

Stay in flow with tools like brain dump mode, planning guides and integrations with tools you already use.

Then let ResultMaps walk you through prioritization.



Succeed together

Don't let the Task Tyrants rule your time, or confuse you by masking their Tyranny in nouns or cute screens.

Keep everyone focused on shared priorities and in the loop. 

ResultMaps is your way out out of the TaskTyrant's maze - to a world of focus on results. 

ResultMaps provides the visibility, clarity and follow up whether you are focusing on weekly priorities, projects or quarterly goals. 

And yes, you can even adapt to urgent and important changes without mucking up the system.


Keep your eyes open to have clear vision.

Transform your vision from a slide presentation to something actionable, meaningful and measure-able for you and whole team.

ResultMaps is the only platform that recognizes you and your team. 

See how the personal vision and team vision align. 

Engaged performance reduces the need for punch clock type software.

Stop tracking tasks and start communicating effectively and celebrating wins. 

Click here to see the full list of capabilities, including projects, annual planning, objectives/key results, and more.

Integrate with the tools you already use.



It works.  

Banner image credit: Štefan Štefančík