Focus now

Science shows most people are “drunk at work” when it comes to effectiveness. Email and “task management” - along with the emerging messaging channels impede the brain’s ability to focus as much as a glass of alcohol.

ResultMaps calls you back to center and helps you master the things that come up without losing focus.

Under the “Now” tab you get a powerful day planner and organizer that lets you move fluidly between your responsibilities, goals, projects, and everything else you may have going on.

You can flow from ideas to full-fledged project plans and back with ease.

Set up daily habits, delegate, check in with your team - check in with yourself.

You’ll be amazed at the insights and improvements that emerge as take over control.



The number one thing that sends cost and risk through the roof: lack of clarity.

ResultMaps is the only platform that helps you make direct connections between your vision, your driving purpose, and what you are doing to make it real.

It works for individuals, teams, and teams of teams.

Set up the components of a clear vision - ResultMaps will guide you to organize and take concrete action every day.

Use ResultMaps to keep yourself and your team aligned and on-track.



ResultMaps lets you move in-flow between goals, projects, communications, and action items. You can cut meeting time with daily check in’s, and build agendas for your weekly alignment meeting.

For teams, ResultMaps makes direct connections between the individual, the team, everyone’s respective goals, and how things fit together.

From Gantt charts and KanBan boards down to simple lists, ResultMaps helps you get things done and skyrocket your results.

There’s a boat-load more. Click here to see the full list of capabilities, including projects, annual plans, objectives/key results, and more. If it helps you get things done, we’ve got it. This is the most powerful productivity platform. Ever.

Integrate with what you already use.



It works.  

Banner image credit: Štefan Štefančík