How-To and Help

Using the ResultMaps Day Plan

ResultMaps automatically assembles an action plan for each day.  Add things here so they don't slip through the cracks.  By default, anything you don't mark as finished, reschedule, or otherwise remove, will show up the next day. 

As this list grows larger, maintain productivity and focus by using the List Crusher.  The List Crusher offers you help organizing to prevent overwhelm - from delegation/teaming up, to organizing things into chunks, moving them into projects scheduling them for another day.

The day plan allows you to sort and categorize to view things from multiple perspectives and alerts you when your team mates need feedback. 

TIP: Capture everything here, and go through on a weekly or daily basis to organize it.
TIP: Get the ResultMaps Inbox for Gmail extension to add the ResultMaps Day plan to your gmail.

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How-to and Help

Prioritizing your day plan with ResultMaps

From the day plan - the first screen you'll see, you can:

  • See any requests you've received for teaming up and/or any collaboration items that have been marked ready for your review.
  • Enter the Results you need - even simple action items.
  • Drag and drop action items to reorder them or chunk them down.
  • Use hashtags like #must and #next to tell ResultMaps how to order the items - #must stays at the top of your list each day, and you can filter for your #must's if your list gets a bit out of control.
  • Anything given the tag #next goes to the top of the list each day to ensure it gets focus first.

Collaboration workflows are simple.

Keep a full history of communication, improve accountability, and provide visibility into execution.


Use the "discuss" button - or any comment bubble you see to add comments, questions, files, even google docs, slides or spreadsheets. 

This is a great way to integrate the tools you already use without having to manage all the files. 

Depending on each person's preferences, updates are emailed immediately, or in daily a digest.