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Project Planning and Management in ResultMaps

Projects, Action Plans, and To-do Lists


Setup hashtags for your projects, action plans, and/or to-do lists which make it easy to add and update.

Results are the organizing principle of ResultMaps.  The map to get those results varies based on the complexity of the effort required (i.e. the ambition), the level of risk involved, and the costs.  In order to maintain a results focus, ResultMaps allow you to shift perspectives and approaches for planning and management according to the situation.

Regardless of the approach, ResultMaps automatically collects progress, keeps you and your team updated, and makes it easy to communicate effectively to maintain focus.   



When ambition, risk, and cost are all relatively high, project planning and management techniques offer predictable results.  ResultMaps supports project planning/management, as well as portfolio management, with clear views into progress, timelines, responsibilities, and updates.  

ResultMaps projects offer Gantt views for project planning, milestone tracking, week-by-week planning, concise project updates, high-level dashboard and cross-project Gantt views. 


When risk is relatively low, and when time and cost are less of a concern for whatever reason, a simple action plan (or to-do list) can be the right level of detail.  While the same views and features are available, if you need to shift perspective, you can get going simply by entering to-do's from an item's detail plan, or using the TextGenius to simply type your plan.  

TIP: ResultMaps automatically assembles a daily action plan from all of your assignments and priorities.  You can add to it and/or reorganize as needed.


On teams with people geographically dispersed, situations arise where efforts may require a high degree of communication across time and distance.  At the same time, there may not be a clear set of action items, or all that is needed is the result (i.e. a file or document produced). ResultMaps makes it easy to collaborate by integrating with Google Docs, and other products that allow collaboration to occur, with the results centralized and tracked. 


Stay focused on the result by capturing an action item on your day plan.  If you need to build out more to-do's to get that result, or shift perspectives to project management, ResultMaps will adapt.  The result can stay the same, even when the "how" you plan and/or manage it changes.


How-To and Help / Project Planning and Management

Quick starts for simple project planning

You can start entering items from the "Detailed Steps/Milestones" tab of anything in ResultMaps. 

One of the easiest ways to get a project planned or action plan set up is to use TextGenius.  Outline your major milestones or phases, then switch to TextGenius perspective to enter more details quickly.  You can type or paste, and your text is automatically converted to timelines and assignments.  You can also plan your entire project using TextGenius.

Quick Ways to Organize To-do Lists, Action Plans, and Projects

Organize as fluidly, or with as much structure as you like.  Here is a range of ways you can start your project planning and collaboration.



Enter an action item on your day plan.  Click on the title to view the detail page.  Change the type to a "to-do list" (optional), then plan things on the "Detailed Steps/Milestones" tab.


Enter an action item on your day plan.  Click on the title to view the detail page.  Change the type to a "to-do list" (optional), then plan things on the "Detailed Steps/Milestones" tab.  This allows you to plan with as much or as little detail as you like.


Gantt chart project plan


You can access Gantt chart planning for any action item, outcome, task, to-do list, or project tracked within ResultMaps.  Click on the "+" icon to create a new to-do list or project. 

From the project page, click on the ellipsis (shown at left), then select "project".  A quick overview of some Gantt chart features (i.e., scheduling and drag and drop) is below.  Right click on any item in the Gantt to access all of ResultMaps standard accelerators.

Advanced Project Planning and Management

There when you need them, out of your way when you don't.

project management tools with communication

Use the view that fits your perspective

Choose from a variety of visuals that provide updates on what's getting done, when, and who has responsibility.

Additional tools available when you need them.

You can create project templates, make copies, download or export details, and more. See the menu pictured at right. 

On any project, and any efforts within the project, you have access to all the features available in ResultMaps.  These include centralized comment threads, attached files, integration with Google Drive and automatic notifications. 



project management options

Click to view full-sized.

Communication is the key to project success

ResultMaps automatically checks in with everyone, reminding you and your team of the priorities for the day (and week).  Everyone with assignments gets requests that link them to simple drag-and-drop update forms.  

Try out views to see which ones suit your needs

Project planning, project management, action plans and to-lists are available from the project navigation icon at the bottom of your screen when logged in to ResultMaps.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 5.29.26 PM.png

How-To and Help / Project Planning and Management

Project Management: Milestone Tracker

The Project Milestone Tracker provides a concise overview of what's done, what's next, and what's going on.   

First, navigate to your project (or list) using the list icon at the bottom of the screen.

Once you've navigated to the project,  click  the   ellipsis under the heading to show views - and click "Milestone tracker"

Once you've navigated to the project,  click  the ellipsis under the heading to show views - and click "Milestone tracker"


Add new milestones from the previous view, or by using the "Add milestone" button.

You have access to the same options within any item by right-clicking to get the context menu in ResultMaps.


You can also use the "Add #next steps" option to add items "TextGenius-style" under anything in the view.

Tip:  Anything given the tag "#next" will show up in the "Next" column of the result (or milestone) it belongs to.