May highlights

Examples, navigation shortcuts, help, and tours

Context-aware and help is available on-demand from anywhere in the app.  We've got a new support knowledge base too.  And guided walk-through tours. 




Improved overwhelm prescriptions

The list you work from grows.  

We have had drag-and-drop tools in place to help you conquer overwhelm.  

These range from prioritization, to "chunking",  to our Overwhelm Crusher.  

We've begun to offer improved "prescriptions" through the Overwhelm Crusher.  These now include help and education, directly from the day plan.







More ways to organize and plan

In keeping with the ideas of managing overwhelm and staying organized, we now feature Result Boards.

 They allow drag and drop planning within a project, action plan or key result.  

You can use them to help organize things into milestones, functional chunks, or KanBan style where you categorize things to-do/doing/done.  

Over the coming weeks we'll roll boards out to objectives and other areas as well. 

Commit by scheduling time to work toward your results.

Simply drag and drop them directly onto ResultMaps calendar view.





More ways to integrate with your calendar



More help re: what to do next



More feedback, engagement, and team building


Our Performance Resource Center now catalogs more than 100 articles, how-to's, videos, and examples from the world's best.

The best "doers", researchers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and performers. We've also got collections for goal setting, habits, and thinking through your big picture.



2017 May 5: Project boards enhancements, Result widgets, Self service help and more

New stuff

  • Helpers now appear at the top right of every page offering access to help (chat, self-service and examples) and the ability to add anything to ResultMaps. 
  • Prompts to smooth workflow and help you stay in flow from our helpers
  • Shiny new articles in our resource center on personal performance, personal productivity, leadership, teamwork and more.  Our examples in the team section now include mission, vision and core values
  •  Project boards are here.  We've been playing around with them for years, we've rolled out our first version.  
  • Drag and drop calendar planning - you can actually schedule your event and they'll show up in your calendar feed.