ResultMaps for Slack

Use Slack "slash commands" to add information to  ResultMaps so that everyone gets automated update requests and gorgeous views of progress, vision, roadmaps and more.  

With ResultMaps for Slack:

  1. You can securely create action items, projects, and objectives.
  2. Easily and concisely communicate status for the day.  
  3. Access summaries of public team activity during for the day.
  4. Access project dashboards and timelines to see what's next, what's blocked and who is responsible.
  5. Access personal and team objectives, key results and big picture strategy.

Simply type /map into Slack to get a list of available features:


To Install ResultMaps for Slack

1. Setup your ResultMaps Account. 

2. Use this button to Install Resultmaps for Slack, or search the Slack app store.

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Have requests for new slash commands?  Or issues/questions?

We'd love to hear from you. 


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Add to Slack

To use ResultMaps for Slack you'll need a ResultMaps account, and anyone who is going to use ResultMaps slash commands needs to have the Slack username set up (the app will prompt you).


ResultMaps accounts start as low as $10/month.  For complete details see our pricing page.

ResultMaps for Slack uses ResultMaps Privacy Policy