More Data on the Evolution of Team and Culture From MIT's Digital Business Study

MIT's Sloan School of Business published data in their 2016 Digital Business Study on team culture, alignment and a range of other data points.

View the report for yourself and see if it doesn't reinforce the idea that organizations are evolving into more self-directed, high-performing, data-driven teams, and "teams of teams".   

There is a wealth of information on leadership, managing change, and alignment.   

A few highlights: 

  • When it comes to leadership, vision and forward-thinking, and the ability to change are considered top skills.
leadership skills
  • "Maturity" is characterized by some interesting team culture traits.  These include clear measures of success, and whether they are "distributed" vs. "hierarchical".  Mature organizations are bold, data driven, and nimble. (Think:  measures of success and processes to learn and stay aligned).
team culture


  • Strong sense of purpose and willingness to take risks to achieve goals is critical.

View the complete report here.  (Requires a free account with MIT Sloan)

The interactive chart on high performing teams is a great story teller with great content.