Use reminders to help crush goals: "the secret to getting anything done"

Being told about a distinctive reminder helped people achieve a goal.
— @abmarkman

If you want to be sure you work toward a goal, set up a reminder to do it.   

As simple as this tactic is, it's one people overlook and underestimate.   

This set of studies suggests that when you have something you need to accomplish at a later time, you should place a distinctive reminder for yourself. The best reminder is something that is easy to notice so that it will be obvious at the time you need to carry out the action. It is even worth expending extra effort or money to make sure that you have the reminder in place.
— @abmarkman

Dr. Art Markman (Twitter: @abmarkman) of the University of Texas at Austin covered the importance of this idea fully, citing and summarizing the research that proves how important this in  Psychology Today article as part his Ulterior Motives column.


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