Core Value Examples: General Electric

Respecting Always the Three Traditions of GE: Unyielding Integrity, Commitment to Performance and Thirst for Change:

Passion for Our Customers
Measuring our success by that of our customers… always driven by Six Sigma quality and a spirit of innovation

Creating opportunities for the best people from around the world to grow and live their dreams

Growth Driven, Globally Oriented
Growing our people, markets and businesses around the world

Every Person, Every Idea Counts
Respecting the individual and valuing the contributions of each employee

Playing Offense
Using the advantages of size to take risks and try new things… never allowing size to be a disadvantage

Embracing Speed and Excellence
Using the benefits of a digital age to accelerate our success and build a faster and smarter GE

Living the Hallmarks of GE Leadership
Passion for learning and sharing ideas
Committed to delivering results in every environment
Ability to energize and inspire diverse global teams
Connected to workplace, customers and communities… in touch with the world
— General Electric Core Values