Personal core value statement examples: James Clear

We’ve become fans of James Clear’s dedication to understanding performance improvement. He covers a rage of topics including goal setting, habit formation, and human performance. Each year creates up a variety of year end reports, including the Integrity report. He outlines his personal core values them as follows.

 “I. Growth

  • Am I learning new things, exploring new places, and experimenting with new ideas?

  • Am I questioning my limiting beliefs and trying to overcome them?

  • Am I building habits that lead to continual improvement?

II. Self-Respect

  • Am I fulfilling my potential?

  • Am I giving myself permission to be happy with where I am right now?

  • Am I living like the type of person I claim to be?

III. Grit

  • Am I mentally and physically strong?

  • Am I preparing for unexpected challenges?

  • Am I taking steps to overcome the challenges in my life?

IV. Contribution

  • Am I contributing to the world or just consuming it?

  • Am I someone others can count on?

  • Am I helping to make things better for others?

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